Sephora Haul

Way back in October my best friend and her fiancé flew to New York for a week of romance, sight-seeing and, more importantly, shopping. I'm very fortunate to have understanding friends as before she could even open her mouth to tell me about the wonderful hotel she had booked or the trips they had planned I … Continue reading Sephora Haul


Weekend Loves

I did a small amount of retail therapy this weekend, completely unplanned, but as is the way of the world when you go out not needing anything, you find EVERYTHING. I love Topshop jewellery but I’ve never found it to be great quality so I always wait for their sales to pick pieces up. They … Continue reading Weekend Loves

Cleanser Loves

I love cleansers, cleaning my skin each morning and evening with either a balm or oil is one of my favourite parts of my routine. I love turning my face into a mascara strewn mess each evening and then wiping away all the products I've worn over night to reveal clearer skin in the morning. I’ve tried … Continue reading Cleanser Loves