Lip Loves

I only started wearing lipstick around 4 years ago, before that I wore a small amount of lip balm and that was it. I did indulge in some clear lip-gloss if I was going ‘out out’ but I didn’t discover colour until recently.

I now love having a slick of colour on my lips, whether that’s bright red, a winter plum or a day-to-day neutral. My lips are no longer naked or covered in hair grabbing gloss.

Here are my most used and loved lip products:

Prince Frog – Lipstick Queen

I’ve already written about this in previous blog posts but I love this lipstick. It has a green bullet that when applied to the lips turns the most beautiful sheer pink, this is halfway between a lipstick and a balm. I wear this most days and it’s a great one to take me from day to night as it can be layered to produce a darker shade. I love the packaging, a matte pink tube with a very satisfying ‘click’.


Carina’s Love – Charlotte Tilbury

This is a recent purchase but it’s quickly made it into my favourites. This is a true pillar-box red which goes on with one coat and lasts all day. This is a very slightly orange/red which tends to suit me more in the summer, it has a matte finish and is a very solid colour. As with most Tilbury items the packaging is beautiful, pure glamour. Its a weighty tube with a good closing clunk. The only thing I really don’t like is the flat tip, I find it difficult to get a sharp application with it but its a small price to pay for an otherwise lovely lipstick.

Ruby Woo – Mac

Everyone knows this lipstick and for good reason, it is a true red lipstick. This is one red which doesn’t budge, I’ve put it on in the morning, spent all day eating and drinking and it’s still there in the evening. This is a blue based red so its great for winter, this is the only lipstick I’ve worn where I’ve been stopped and asked where its from.  The packaging is great, Mac do brilliant lipstick packaging with a great magnetic closing. The only negative is that it can be a little drying so I always ensure my lips are well exfoliated before I apply it.

L-R Prince Frog, Carina's Love, Ruby Woo, Boy, Barra Labios, Rose Salve, Not an Illusion

L-R Prince Frog, Carina’s Love, Ruby Woo, Boy, Barra Labios, Rose Salve, Not an Illusion

Boy – Chanel

I love this lipstick for one very simple reason, it is the one I wore on my wedding day. It’s the perfect ‘your lips but better’ shade and is really moisturising. I chose this for my wedding as its a great nude but still has some colour with a very slight sheen. This is a great everyday colour which enhances the lips without making them the main focus. The packaging is beautiful, classic chanel.

Barra Labios Mate* – Deliplus

I bought this lipstick whilst on holiday in Spain, it’s a lovely plum colour and perfect for the colder months. This only cost me a couple of euros but the colour pay off and staying power is just as good as more expensive brands. The packaging is also great, a weighty tube with the best clunk closing of the lot! I’ll be stocking up on some more on my next holiday.

Rose Salve – Bigelow Chemists

I originally got this in a beauty advent calendar last year (I think it was the Liberty’s one?) and I’ve since repurchased it. Its a basic lip balm but with a lovely rose tint and scent. It keeps my lips soft all day and I layer it at night so it acts like a lip mask. I also layer this on other lipsticks if my lips are drying out. Its packaged in a traditional lip balm tin with a beautiful vintage style lid.

Not an Illusion – Rimmel London Colour Rush Balm

I love all the colour rush balms but this is the colour I use the most. All the balms are really moisturising and the colours stay put all day. I alternate between this and the Lipstick Queen most days, I always have this in my handbag. It is in a plastic tube and twists up so its brilliant for travel. If you haven’t tried these its well worth picking one up, they’re great.

Hope you’re having a great Monday

*I think this is the name of the lipstick, I couldn’t find anything else on the tube and my Spanish isn’t that great! If anyone knows that I’ve got it wrong, please let me know!



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