Ignoring the rules – Fashion

I started blogging so I had an outlet to discuss my different passions. I’ve mainly written about skincare and beauty so far but there is one thing I’m hugely passionate about which I’ve not mentioned as yet.

Ignoring the fashion rules.

As someone who grew up watching channel 4 programmes telling me what I can and cannot wear I spent most of my teens playing it safe. I didn’t touch a skinny jean until I was 20, thinking that I must wear a bootcut to ‘balance out my proportions’. My Mum constantly says she can’t wear knee length skirts because she’s ‘too old’ (she’s 70) and my sister believes she is ‘too big’ for skinny jeans (she’s a size 10).

It’s not just my family either. I have beautiful friends who constantly put limitations on themselves and what they can wear because they are too tall, too short, too fat, too thin. Friends who would love to wear leopard print, leather trousers, culottes or over the knee boots but ‘can’t pull it off’.

Whilst I agree that there are certain styles which ‘flatter’ (I hate that word) certain shapes and sizes, there is too much of an emphasis on this. We’re constantly told to buy things because they will make us look taller, thinner or curvier.

Why can’t we just wear clothes which make us feel great?

I bet the last time you saw someone ignoring the rules you thought how great they looked? The lady in her 80s rocking a red lip or the woman walking down the street in tracksuit bottoms and a tuxedo jacket (I saw this once and she looked AMAZING).

I’m not saying that we all need to go mad and start mixing gym gear with evening wear (she really did look great though) but that if you have your eye on the gold glittered boots, buy them, wear them, love them. Wear that leopard print jacket and tartan skirt with aplomb!

Speaking as someone who has been everything from a size 12 – 20, I’ve had my fair share of ‘I can’t wear that’ moments. I’ve always loved fashion but when I gained weight I started hiding, buying anything that fit rather than anything I liked. Again, I was playing it safe.

I lost some weight and my confidence returned, I started to experiment again AND I wore skinny jeans. I then gained some weight but….my confidence remained, as did the skinny jeans. I wasn’t going to add anymore limitations to my choice, if I could fit in it and I liked it, then it was mine!

I even had a friend sidle up to me to say that since I’d started wearing skinny jeans she’d decided to plum for it as well, apparently my confidence had rubbed off on her. She’s 5ft 9, size 10, great arse but it took a 5ft 5, size 18, okish arse to make her think that she could do it as well!

This post isn’t about ignoring fashion or that you must always be wearing something mad, it’s just saying if you like it and feel great then wear it. Whether that means following all the trends (I will be partaking in the cropped flares phenomena) or wearing jeans and a t-shirt.

So, as we head into another weekend (woop) I give you full permission to buy those velvet boots, the gold brogues or the zebra print dress. Buy them. Love them. Wear them.

I’d love to know your thoughts on this and if you could wear anything what would it be?

Hope you have a great weekend

p.s. I lied, I have a great arse

p.p.s I’ll just leave these here….




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