Foundation Loves

Foundation is one of my make-up staples, I tend to wear some form of base every day and have done so since my late teens. As my skin has gotten better I have moved more towards tinted moisturisers but I still love to have heavier options available for nights out/bad skin days.


The main thing I want from a base is glow, I’m all about chasing that glow! I also want enough coverage to even out my skin tone and one which is buildable on any blemishes I may have.

With that in mind, below are my current favourite bases and those which I use on regular rotation. As an aside – I never use a primer, and I apply all my bases with the Sephora Ultra-Liquid foundation brush.

Pixi H20 Skintint

Not technically a foundation, this is more of a tinted moisturiser but is enough to even out my skin tone and is buildable where I need it. It can be worn under foundation but I tend to wear it on its own and apply it with a brush. I love the simple packaging which is great for travel and the hygienic pump – I love a pump. I would never have worn anything this light before I got a handle on my skin. I wear this most days to work and at the weekends. My shade: number 1 Cream.


Bourjois Healthy Mix

I used to use this every day when I needed more coverage. I bought it on the basis that it was meant to be ‘good’ for the skin and that it contained ‘fruit therapy’. I didn’t know what this meant (and still don’t really) but I did notice an improvement in my skin when I used it (this was back in my face wipe and go days!). I don’t mind fragrance in my bases and this one smells lovely, very much like the Chanel below. I still use this when I want more coverage or just when I want a change up from the Pixi. My shade: number 51, Light Vanilla.

Marc Jacobs Genius Gel

I initially purchased this in Sephora in Nice and was colour matched to a shade about 3 colours too dark for me (it’s equally my fault as I thought it looked great, until I got it back to grey England!). I used it a few times but it wasn’t the best of looks. I then went to Copenhagen Sephora where they seemed to carry a lot more of the lighter shades, I got re-matched and found the perfect shade. This is a really nice gel texture foundation which doesn’t budge but without looking cakey. This is a medium/full coverage and lasted me through hours of eating/drinking and dancing. I wear this if I’m going ‘out out’. As with all Marc Jacobs make-up the packaging is lovely, a curved glass bottle with a black plastic lid – and another pump, hurrah! My shade: 14 Ivory Medium.


Dior Airflash

I know a lot of people hate this foundation but I really love it, I’m in constant fear of its discontinuation. I use this if we go on holiday in the UK or anywhere cooler (I don’t tend to wear a base if we go somewhere hot), I take it on holiday because it means I can get a great base in seconds. I spray it on, buff it in and away I go! I’ve never had a problem getting it in my hair or on my clothes. The coverage is medium/full and if I do need to build it I’ll spray some on the back of my hand and buff it in with a brush. It comes in an aerosol can so is great for travel with no risk of leakage. My shade: number 100.



Chanel Les Beiges

I LOVE this foundation, it has a great medium coverage which builds really well. This is a date night/important meeting foundation for me, I use it when I want to feel pulled together but not masked. I love the glass bottle and again, it has a pump, the glass bottle isn’t great for travel but it has lasted several journeys with me. My shade: number 22 Rose.

I’d love to know what your favourite base is; is there any you would recommend?

Hope you have a great weekend,



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