Cleanser Loves

I love cleansers, cleaning my skin each morning and evening with either a balm or oil is one of my favourite parts of my routine. I love turning my face into a mascara strewn mess each evening and then wiping away all the products I’ve worn over night to reveal clearer skin in the morning.

I’ve tried many cleansers over the last couple of years and these are the ones I always go back to time and time again. I use all of these with a flannel and warm water.

Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm – you will get sick of me talking about this cleanser. I love it. I’ve tried moving away but each time I find myself coming back to the comfort of this balm. It smells great, gets rid of all make-up and doesn’t leave my skin feeling tight or angry.  It melts straight away so I don’t have to mess around warming it up on my hands (Sunday Riley, Blue Moon – I’m looking at you) and its really gentle on my eyes. It  works really well as a calming balm for dry skin and I’ve slept in it when my skin is particularly dry or angry.

Body Shop Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil – this oil is great for taking off really heavy eye make-up, nothing will be left standing after a wash with this. It’s really gentle on my skin and smells lovely. I prefer it to the Camomile balm and one bottle has lasted me ages. I also use it after I’ve waxed my top lip (sorry, TMI) to get rid of any leftover wax and to calm my skin down. A really great budget oil which is kind to most skins.

Sarah Chapman Skinesis Ultimate Cleanse – this is a close second to the Emma Hardie cleanser; it’s slightly lighter in texture but still takes off all my base easily.  I can’t use this on my eyes which is one of the reasons its second to the Emma Hardie, unless I’m wearing loads of make-up I want to be able to cleanse with one product. The new packaging is great for dispensing and it smells lovely. I’m more likely to use this in the morning, its great for waking me up.

Omorovicza Thermal Cleansing Balm – this balm is great for whenever I have congested skin which needs a really deep cleanse. I use this all over my face but really concentrate on my chin and nose, and it always leaves my skin clearer but never tight. I was initially worried that it would leave a residue on my skin but with a couple of wipes its always come off beautifully. My skin feels really soft afterwards; this is the only cleanser where I’ve noticed a difference in my skin straight away.

Nude Perfect Cleansing Oil Face & Eyes – another cleansing oil which is great for taking of make-up and can be used on my eyes without any irritation. There is no residue left on the skin and it smells wonderful. The main thing I love about this cleanser is the packaging, its a plastic tube with a pump applicator and a lid so its brilliant for travel.

Special mentions to Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel and Soap & Glory The Ultimelt, I love both of these cleansers but don’t use them as much as the above ones. I tend to use them more in the morning and in the summer months.

I’d love to know what cleansers you are using; is there anything you’re using which you think I’d love?

Hope you’re having a great weekend


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