My facial with Caroline Hirons

If you’ve read my first blog post ‘My Skin – A History’ you’ll know that my love of skincare started when I found blogs, its where I’ve gained most of my knowledge and sparked an interest in all things beauty. One of the bloggers I found was Caroline Hirons, a straight talking, face wipe hating, no nonsense beauty blogger with bags of experience.

Caroline recently announced she was going to start doing treatments again, the first block of appointments opened earlier in the year and they sold out within minutes. The second block went up at the start of September and I was ready! I emailed straight away and managed to get an appointment on the 27th. Perfect!

The week leading up to the facial I was begging my skin to behave itself, I was concerned that I was going to spontaneously erupt in pustules and my skin would betray the last two years of good care I’d put into it. Fortunately, it complied.

I arrived at Teresa Tarmey’s salon which I initially walked passed as there was no sign on the outside, the inside also looked more like an exclusive boutique than a traditional ‘salon’.

Teresa Tarmay's beautiful salon

Teresa Tarmey’s beautiful salon

I was greeted by Teresa herself who was lovely, the whole atmosphere was very exclusive and stylish but not cold, it was all extremely welcoming and relaxed.

I was feeling very sophisticated, going for a casual facial on a Tuesday morning in Notting Hill. I then walked into a floor lamp, but less about that.

Anyway, I was told that Caroline would be with me soon. Whilst Teresa was out of the room I took the opportunity to take some very rushed photos (I didn’t really know the protocol for photo taking) hence some dodgy iPhone photos below!


The whole setting was beautiful!

Caroline soon came down, said hello and took me through to the treatment room. She was so lovely and put me at ease straight away, after seeing so many of her videos I was in a weird state where I felt like I already knew her!

We got straight down to business and she asked me to ‘tell her everything’. So I reeled of my ‘skin history’, I confessed to being a face wipe addict and that I’ve since turned my life around! I briefly went through my routine and what I’ve found works and doesn’t work for me. I also brought up the tests I’m going through for polycystic ovaries as that has had a massive effect on my skin. She was great, really listened and suggested some slight changes to my routine, including making sure I put moisture back into my chin once I’d hit it with the retinols, ‘put back in what you take out’. I also explained that I don’t double cleanse, we agreed that possibly because I don’t wear heavy foundation I can get away with a single cleanse.

Yes, I asked for a selfie...

Yes, I asked for a selfie…

The facial itself was great, really active. I’m not a fan of gentle massage type facials, I want to feel as though something is happening to my skin. She started of with a quick cleanse (I didn’t wear any make-up), then applied a chemical peel, with a slightly stronger peel on my chin. This was left on for around 5 minutes and all the time she was making sure I was ok, asking where I was on the ‘tingle’ scale. She then explained the process for taking it of and the different sensations I’d get on my skin as it was neutralised. She promised I wouldn’t look like Samantha from Sex and the City.

She then did some gentle extractions (apologies if you’re eating your dinner) including a milia which I’ve had on my lip for years. It was incredibly gentle and I didn’t feel a thing.

To then help my skin repair itself the Dermalux LED Phototherapy was used on the mild acne setting, I’ll link to her blog post below which details exactly what it does. In very basic terms, its all the benefits your skin gets from the sun without any UV rays. It repairs skin and also has antibacterial properties. It was on for 20 mins and even though you wear goggles it is incredibly bright, Caroline explained all of this and talked me through what it was doing. She stayed with me throughout the process and answered even more of my questions.

After the light finished she massaged my face which was great, this was no namby-pamby massage. I felt like my face was getting a good workout and, as this isn’t something I do at home, I really felt the benefit. Its actually made incorporate it into my nightly routine.

To finish off she spritzed and  applied an SPF.

So, to the results! Below are my before and after photos, apologies for the quality, they were taken vey quickly in the back of taxis!





My skin certainly looked loads clearer and I had a glow. However, the biggest difference I noticed was my jaw, I actually had one! My whole face in generally looked far less puffy and my jowls had reduced (the glamour). I really hadn’t expected this to happen, I looked far more awake than I had done in ages.

The next day I was told by 3 separate people how good my skin was looking (they weren’t aware of my facial). Its now 3 days after and I’m still benefitting, my face is less puffy and I’m using less make-up.

I really wish I’d paid more attention to the products she used! I know she used Zelens Power D Treatment Drops and Josh Rosebrook’s Hydrating Accelerator, I was too busy chatting and relaxing to take in anymore. She did suggested that I try Tata Harper Purifying Cleanser but everything else existing in my routine was ok.

To sum up, as well as having a great facial I also had a brilliant morning, Caroline was lovely and although she is incredibly busy I wasn’t rushed and I could ask as many questions as I could think of. I’m planning on going back quarterly to have similar treatments, the peel and the light.

I’m going to try and remember some of the questions I asked and the answers I got, I’ll update this post with them as soon as possible.

I hope you all have a great weekend,

Caroline’s blog post on the LED therapy is here:

Teresa Tarmey:


6 thoughts on “My facial with Caroline Hirons

  1. justclairepage says:

    There is a noticeable difference in our eyes, jaw, chin area! Astounding! My dream to have a Caroline facial. I’m well jell. We all try to throw ? at her on instgram and she doesn’t have time to reply, I feel like I’m floundering through my skincare routines and a simple visit to Lady H would solve that. Must save up and find some courage to book. Much love and thank for sharing.

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