My Skin – A Brief History

I am obsessed by skincare, I love reading about it and spend hours online filling my virtual basket with new releases promising me a lifetime of glowing skin. I love the ritual of cleansing my skin each evening and flannels are slowly taking over my bathroom, but, this is a relatively recent love of mine.


I used to be a face wipe and go sort of girl. I rarely used moisturiser, I thought serums were a waste of time and I had never heard of cleansing balms.

I went through my teens and early twenties relatively unscathed in the skin department, I had a few blackheads on my nose and some hormonal breakouts on my chin. I never properly cleansed my skin or took my make-up off at night. My skincare heart breaks when I think of this!

In my mid-twenties I started getting more and more hormonal breakouts on my chin, massive double headed cysts would appear and not leave for weeks. I would pick at them, make them bleed and they were so blooming painful (no one ever talks about how much spots can hurt!).

I decided I should really take action and as I used to use Dermalogica in my late teens I went in full throttle, I’m talking pre-cleanser, cleanser, toner, booster, moisturiser etc.. My skin, of course, hated it! It had had so many years of just doing its thing and then I hit it up with a load of alcohol. It went dry, very very dry and flaky. I tried all sorts of moisturisers to ease the problem and decided that a massive tub of E45 would do it. I know.

After that episode I lapsed back into face wipe mode.

Fortunately, I began to discover beauty bloggers and YouTube. I’d heard a lot about Emma Hardie so bought the Moringa Cleansing Balm and the Sarah Chapman Overnight Facial. I started using the Overnight Facial, but still kept on with the face wipes. I was using a £££ serum on skin which had only seen a face wipe, I was left wondering why my skin hadn’t dramatically cleared up.

I finally started to read more blogs and came across some amazing ladies such as Caroline Hirons, Sali Hughes and Dr Sam Bunting. I learnt so much from these blogs and this is where my own passion for skincare began.  I learnt how important it is to cleanse (morning AND evening), the amazing properties of acid toners and, most importantly, an understanding of my skin and why it does what it does.

I began to cleanse with a proper cleanser twice a day, I used toners, moisturisers and appropriate serums. My skin eventually cleared up (I still get the odd breakout) and it was looking better than it ever had. I’m now a fully signed up beauty junky!

I’ll be posting more about my current routines and any new finds – I’d love to know your skin history if you’re willing to share!

Hope you’re having a great weekend,



For future info – my skin type is combination, oily t-zone, dry cheeks in colder months with hormonal breakouts on my chin.


3 thoughts on “My Skin – A Brief History

  1. sittingpolishpretty says:

    It’s so funny because I was JUST discussing this very thing with my husband. I, too, neglected skin care in my teens (I’m 27) and only recently (like within the last year) gained interest in it. I’ve always worn makeup and basically (once upon a time) just lived in it, applying today’s makeup over yesterday’s makeup (omg yuck), etc. I guess I’ve been fairly (super, really) lucky with the ocassional pimple/blackhead here and there in my lifetime but oh my God have I been negligent! I’m also a makeup wipe and go girl but I apply toner as well (I do both day and night). My current favs are Clean & Clear Cleansing cloths and The Body Shop mattifying cleansing toner — I love it. I also begin my routine with a blackhead scrub a few times a week at the end of my shower. Sorry for the wall of text, your story just resonated with me on a very personal level. It was a great post and very well written! Thank you for sharing.


    • melittaloves says:

      Hello! Thank you so much for your comment! I’m the same, so lucky that I’ve not had any really bad effects from neglecting my skin so much. I used to live in make-up as well and on the occasional time I took it off at night (with a wipe!) I thought I was being really good. Pleased you liked the post and hope you’re having a lovely weekend. Harriet x

      Liked by 1 person

      • sittingpolishpretty says:

        Yes! I’m still nowhere near the perfect skincare routine but I’m trying to improve as I become more acquainted with my skin 😊 thank you for the quick reply, hope you’re weekend is lovely as well!


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